Barbara and Tommaso – Engagement session in Craco

Barbara and Tommaso…This story starts a long time ago, but I will try to tell the short version of it. These two beautiful people met over ten years ago and since then they had so much to deal with, but they were always together. Their story is one of a kind and I am so proud to be their friends.
I met them almost five years ago in London. They were working there just like so many other foreigner souls and hoped for a better future. They are both from Italy, from the magical South…They wanted to move back there but there wasn’t easy to find a job so they decided Tommaso will go back to Italy and try his best while Barbara stayed in London to make sure if the plan wouldn’t work out they still have a place to continue their life. It was a very sad period and I remember for all those nights, walking around London with Barbara and talking about our dreams and then we were just wishing the life will sort out things for us and we will be able to live where and how we want…and then I moved back, then they moved back, but I went back to London again and we did’t had any chance to meet until now.
She said to me in 2013 if she will get married she wants me to take her wedding pictures, and four years later here we are. We finally met again and I spent a magical week with them in Italy, documenting and experiencing every single bit of a huge Italian wedding which was an incredible experience. 
So this is only the first chapter of all the happenings and this story will be continued with the wedding pictures. 
First night we went to Craco, to the abandoned town to shoot some engagement photo. The heat was crazy so we only had a chance to shoot just after the sunset.