Petra & Balazs – Couple Session

Few weeks ago I already mentioned on the Bohemian Summer Night story how I met with Petra and Balazs. They are not just beautiful but also very talented young souls. Their project is the Just Stay Natural, focusing mainly on alternative wedding photography so I was pleased when they asked me to take a few pictures of them. It is always a great honour to receive a request like this, especially because I love so much their inner world and works and I feel our visual goals are really close.  
We had many ideas location wise but in the end we choose the Viragos Pagony in Fot, which was an incredible place to shoot and we were really lucky with the lights as well. Summer is always a magical time to shoot and when the sunset started a little cloud flew in front of the Sun to create the best lights ever. The whole session was very inspiring and I am happily sharing it with everyone. This story was photographed in a cinematic way, showing many details and capturing real feelings which are the most important for me as a photographer.