Lilla&Sam – Bohemian Summer Night

These photos are so close to my heart and I feel like I must tell the story behind it. 
Over a month ago I had a chance to meet in real life with my Hungarian maverick heroes with Petra and Balazs (Just Stay Natural). Their photographs are more than pictures to me and it was an honour when they shared their secret dream with me, which was to shoot at least once on a rooftop. I was smiling when they mentioned it because I just found the best rooftop in Budapest back then. Perfectly abandoned, nobody could bother a shooting there so I offered them the opportunity and a week later they told me about their friends who are living in Canada and they just got married there but they wanted to do a creative wedding photo session in Budapest. This is how it started and this is how we all found ourselves on that rooftop a few days ago.  
Lilla and Sam are not just beautiful but they have a rad taste and their bohemian personality was all-pervading and it filled up every second of our short shooting time. 
We started to shoot in the beginning of the “blue hour” and we finished when it was totally dark. We worked together as a team, and we often laughed at the intimate “workshop” atmosphere.
It was more than a bunch of people creating something together, we made friendships and in the end the most exciting part for me was to see how Petra and Balazs saw the same things from their perspective. You can find the link to their photographs in the end of the post. (Highly recommended :))
It was a truly beautiful experience with truly amazing people and I am sure I will always remember this magical evening. 
Lilla + Sam ft. Just Stay Natural and Antler Projects

Petra and Balazs: @juststaynatural
And their beautiful photos of this fairytale are available here.
Sam Jeanes: @jeanes.sam
Lilla Mihalik: @lupaisland
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