Hi, I am Orsi. I was born in Budapest and in the past few years I spent a longer period of time in London which taught me that nothing is impossible to achieve, even if it takes effort and time.
Originally, I graduated in art history which still affects my thinking about what a good picture is.
I love travelling and exploring not just new countries but new cultures as well and I love to experience how many different ways we can live.
Meeting people is always an adventure, through their stories I learn so much about life. Being a part of others’ happiness is also something that no words can describe. I feel really lucky to work with people and capturing the connection between them.

About my method

I do storytelling photography. From my perspective it means partly a mixture of landscapes and portraiture filled up with real feelings. When I first met with storytelling photography, it was a moment that I always will remember. I felt I found that which I have been always looking for.
When we watch a great movie we feel things and our feelings come usually not from the script but mainly from the pictures that we see. It is the same for me in photography, documenting the actual happenings are only the base of my job but for me it is a must to fill this grid up with pictures of details, the location and the decoration. Each story starts somewhere and end at one point, my goal is to tell them in a way to be able to feel and remember for everything including the atmosphere. As a photographer I am aware I actually create other people memories and the pictures are the keyhole to a room where these memories will live in the future. 

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