Dia & Szabi – Sorg-villa – Wedding Story

I am happy to share here the wedding story of Dia and Szabi. They know each other since they were kids and started dating during their high school years. More than a decade later they decided to get married in a magical villa nearby Budapest.
Their big day was filled with real emotions, tears and laughs and as a wedding photographer I could not appreciate their honest personalities more. Many memories been shared during their ceremony that made everyone to connect and share the happiness with Dia and Szabi.
Dia is a talented photographer with eye for details, feel free to check out her works here.
The venue: Sorg-villa you may know from several different movies such as one of my fav film The Duke of Burgundy. It was a perfectly hidden and magical place for a wedding.


Venue: Amber bride by Sorg villa
Flower design by Schott Reka
Hair by Cserhalmi Noémi
Host by Kalman Balint
Desserts by FalusiLibak