Xeni & Tamas – Winter Wedding Story

Xeni and Tamas married in January and they literally made my year with their wedding. I could not wish for a better a start…their story was beautiful in many way. Xeni born in Siberia and she is half Russian but she grew up in Hungary. That is the reason behind the scarf and blue colour in the accessories.
Tamas told me during the wedding to not to worry about if something is not perfect because there is only one thing which is important for them and that is the fact they are there and they can share their feelings with their closest family members and friends. This is a little ironic but he was the first who ever said anything like this to me, usually everyone lost a little in the details and they want everything to be perfect including the photos the lights and everything, but their day was just about happiness and I am glad they chose me to document their beautiful wedding. I am honoured to know them, they are truly beautiful people not just outside but also inside.
Their stunning rings made by the talented Agi Ripszam, you can find her works at her site Dimesso.
The beautiful makeup of Xeni was made by Renata Gali.