Flora & Adam – Slovenian Elopement Story

I don’t even know how to begin this story. Flora and Adam literally made one of my dream come true.
They are beautiful people inside and outside but they were also so keen to do a unique photo session which inspired me so much.
We traveled to Slovenia and next day we start shooting before sunrise. Waking up crazy early is already something what many people would skip but they did it. Mornings are always amazing, the lights are so soft, the fog disappear in front of our eyes and we actually can hear how the nature wakes up. Everything is quite and slow and Flora and Adam were so respectful, so kid towards each other which made an unrepeatable start to our photo session. The whole day was a real experience, we walked around the lake then hiked up to a waterfall and we followed the stream down to the valley. I can’t be glad and thankful enough to them to be so patient and so open to all my ideas.
This pictures are telling the story of that day what we spent together. Their relationship is one of  a kind and it was heartwarming to capture them during this escape.
I hope it makes many couple to think about doing something like this because it will be a vivid memory even after years and years.

Elopement photo session in Slovenia