Orsi & Ian – Couple session from Cambodia

This year so many unbelievable things happened…one of them was my trip to Asia and this couple session which I shot at the magical Siem Reap. After visiting Vietnam and Myanmar I arrived to Cambodia and I spent three amazing days with Orsi and Ian wondering around the temples of the old Angkor city. The place is located in the middle of the jungle and apart from few of the temples which have been renovated the rest of the ruins are almost untouched so we often felt like Indiana Jones during our exploring period. 
Orsi and Ian are both architects, they met in The Netherlands in the university and after graduating they have decided to go on an adventure to Asia, to Singapore to find a job. It was probably the biggest challenge in their life but they managed to get a job and a professional experience what they were dreaming about. They spent more than a year working in that side of the planet.
When Orsi and Ian had some holiday they went to explore  Asia. (About these trips you can find posts in Orsi’s blog.) 
At the end of this year they decided it is time to move back to Europe and settle down. Before doing it I joined them and we made this very unique couple session to create a memory for them, which will always remind them for this period and for the fact anything you want, you can achieve just you need to be patient and instead of giving up you must fight for it. I belive their story is truly inspiring and it was an honour to take part in it at the end.  
So I am glad to present these pictures about challenge, love and this incredible place on Earth.