Adrienn – Rooftop photo session

 A picture is a secret about a secret…” – Diane Arbus

The story behind these photographs is quite incredible. Adrienn told me about her secret plan to make few intimate pictures of herself for her other half’s birthday. She was open for any ideas and in the end I came up with a rooftop location which was perfect in terms of the fact that an outdoor place above the city is where nobody can disturb us. I really wanted to create pictures which are intimate but still tasteful, and that is how we ended up shooting a few details as well. Andrienn was such a great model and even tough it was her first ever photo shoot we created something together which ended up on the Italian Vogue’s site. 🙂
So I am really proud to announce I have a public portfolio available here!
From today these photos are not secret anymore and we are happily sharing with you the best ones below.