Oliver – Portrait Session

A few weeks ago my friend introduced me to Oliver Patocska who is a very talented singer-songwriter and some of you may know him as a former member of Bytheway from the Hungarian X-Factor. He ordered a few photographs with a crazy short deadline which is quite unusual but I was willing to do it. My main problem was to find a studio within such a short time but a kind photographer friend of mine helped me out with a contact to Feszek Studio to whom I thank here for their helpful and kind service. So in a few hours we were ready to shoot with Oliver and I am pleased to spread the word he is such a talent as a model too. His personality is so layered in a very good way plus his hands are very expressive. Even though I am not familiar with the studio environment and fashion shooting is still not my cup of tea, I am glad I had a chance to try something new and different. The cherry on the top of this story was to experience this type of collective support all around me so thanks everyone again who was involved in this project!
And thanks to everyone who was helping me during this year in photography and to all of you who has been a follower of my work! Happy New Year to all of you guys! 🙂