About Antler Projects

Antler Projects is found by Orsolya Karancz, a destination photographer travelling around Europe.
She specializes in shooting weddings in dramatic, cloudy landscapes. Her photos tell stories from a keyhole perspective capturing endless happiness in an intimate moment.
Orsolya loves to work outdoors and she is ready to go on spot. Recently she visited Iceland for a two weeks road trip exploring the most abandoned places, far from human civilization, sleeping in a rented jeep.
Orsolya Karancz’s original background is in art history. Orsolya began to work back in 2005 in Budapest, 11 years ago. In 2008 she moved to London where she continued her work as a professional photographer, expanding her expertise beyond family and weddings to product and advert photography.
In the near future Orsolya plans to follow her dreams and move to Scotland, to experience the magnificent shapes and lights of the Scottish landscape. She plans to focus on wedding photography in the Scottish highlands.
Orsolya founded Antler Projects to establish a common platform for her three differently themed photography projects.

White Antler

Project White Antler encompasses everything about love, family and relationships. It entails primarily wedding, elopement, engagement, couple, maternity and baby photography.

Black Antler

Project Black Antler represents Orsolya’s inner world.  This special project functions like her personal art gallery. She lists here her experimental, conceptual and landscape photographs and all of her other artistic projects.
She regularly exhibits pictures of the Black Antler project and also sells prints.

Grey Antler

Orsolya also creates professional photographs for private businesses.
Project Grey Antler showcases her advert and product photographs.
Let us invite you to take a look through our portfolio and if you feel a connection to her work she would love to start a conversation!

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