Welcome to White Antler

Welcome to White Antler!

My name is Orsi and I created White Antler as a platform for my storytelling photography. Telling stories are and always will be the greatest pleasure to me. I focus on capturing the whole atmosphere on the weddings and the real connection between two people. I do it with great details, behind the main happenings. Have a look at my portfolio and if you feel you would like to share your story with me, do not hesitate to write me. Looking forward to getting to know your story, too.

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  • - Tamás Kátai is a Hungarian musician, poet, and photographer. He is a mastermind in many different fields and he can put all his artworks in a beautiful way together. I was absolutely honoured when he offered me the opportunity to shoot his portraits for the new Thy Catafalque album, Vadak. …